Tom’s construction has completed a variety of unique projects each in close collaboration with the client. Please contact us so we can discuss your future building requirements and provide you with a competitive estimate.
Photo Canadian Tire Foundation Work

Foundation Work Canadian Tire

Tom’s Construction was contracted to do all the foundation work for the new Canadian Tire store project which is a large building of approximately 150,000 sq ft.


Photo of Dairy Barn Concrete Work

Inside Concrete Work Large Dairy Barn

Tom’s Construction was contracted to do all the inside concrete work in a new dairy barn facility for a large dairy operation in the South Peace.


Photo of Bridge Concrete Repair

Concrete Bridge Support Repair Mile 95 Road

This bridge footing repair project north of Fort St. John was required because the creek altered course and undermined the bridge support foundation. The creek had to be diverted to facilitate the work. Client: Yellowhead Road and Bridge


Driving Force

Driving Force

15,000 sq ft structural steel building with a multi-bay car dealership and custom built to suit with impressive reception and showroom areas.


Enviromulch Building


15,000 sq ft pre-engineered/structural steel shop and office complex. This project boasts top notch mechanical bays and a full wash bay with full steel embeds for corked equipment use. The executive office area makes this a beauty of a facility.


FSJ Water Building Photo

Fort St. John Water

14,000 sq ft stick framed shop and office facility is equipped with an inspection pit as well as drive thru washbay. The 5,000 sqft of deluxe office area adds to the range of operations of the building.


Unforgettable Memories Building

Unforgettable Memories

6,000 sq ft stick frame building, completely custom built to suit client’s retail business. Special features are a wide open concept with high ceilings.


Trans Carrier Limited

Trans Carrier Limited

2,500 sq ft stick frame 2 storey Office Complex addition built to accommodate TCL’s growing requirements. The goal was to blend the office complex into the existing facility.


Great West Equipment - Volvo

Great West Equipment – Volvo

A 15,000 sq ft pre-engineered building  including and industrial shop and office complex. This is a specially purposed building with built-in bays to service large industrial equipment with a large span crane.


CCT Controls Building Photo

CCT Controls

A 12,000 sq ft wood frame building consisting of a large office complex and complimented with a functional shop and warehouse area.


Goodlo Tank Truck Services Building

Goodlo Tank Truck Services

A 12,000 sq ft pre-engineered structure including a shop and office facility and featuring a 100 foot deluxe washbay and inspection/lube pit.